Life at the villa

Yes. Since the villa is not sealed, you will get some “visitors” that can get in under the doors. Some are helpful and cute, like the cute little geckos (car insurance, anyone?) and visually-similar anoles. We appreciate them – they are harmless and tend to be shy and they feed on insects. That also means we get insects in the house.

Night time temperatures cool down to the mid 70’s in the winter and the uper 70’s to 80 in the winter. The air conditioning amd the ceiling and bed fans help make sleeping more comfortable. However, if you are sensitive to heat, it may still be too warm

Villa Grand Piton is a poor choice for younger children, due to our remote location at the top of a tall hill and the steepness of the grounds (for instance, the drop from the pool railing to the ground is about 30 feet), and the lack of places to play safely outdoors. The villa is not childproofed. For instance, there are 220-volt outlets up 12-18 inches from the floor which pose a serious safety hazard to small, inquisitive fingers. We also have no amenities for children (no cribs, high chairs, etc.).

Although we are not ADA-compliant, we are somewhat handicapped-friendly. The villa and parking area are on the same level, the doors are wide, and there are only three wide steps between the house and the pool

We recently upgraded the WiFi and it’s been fairly reliable. However, it may falter when it rains very hard (it’s supplied wirelessly), and there are occasional outages due to supplier issues.

It’s not as robust as we’d like it to be. So we’ve installed solar panels to supplement the purchased power, and have a backup generator in case of an outage. John or Kerryus will start it for you if needed.

Yes, ages 5 and up. Due to safety concerns, our home is not suitable for children under 5.

Yes, 10 pm to 8 am. These apply to all the properties on the hillside. Our staff has the right to turn your music down if we receive complaints about the noise.

In the late afternoon, shut most or all of the doors. Don’t leave lights on indoors while you are outside after dark. You can ask Alexa to turn off and on the lights so you don’t have to fumble for a switch in the dark.

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