Food and Beverages

In the village of Soufriere, there is a grocery, a bakery (mostly breads and savories; few, if any, typical US sweet breakfast pastries), a butcher, and an open-air market with fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also stands on the sidewalks in Soufriere. Doxie may be able to source items for you – discuss it with her and give her a day or two of notification.

The larger stores, including a liquor store and grocery, are near the airport. You may wish to stop at them on your way to the villa.

It typically contains: one roti (curried vegetables, with or without chicken, wrapped in a flat bread) per person, beer, wine, crackers, cheese, Coke and Sprite, fruit juice, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, bacon, eggs, bread, butter, jam, cereal, and local fruit. A bottle of Doxie’s tasty rum punch will be in the refrigerator for you. The welcome basket has enough food and beverage for a “happy hour” upon arrival, a light dinner, then breakfast the next morning.

Yes, you may, with some restrictions. The current duty-free allowance for alcoholic beverages is one liter per person. You may bring more than that, but you will have to declare it and pay the duty on the excess. The duty is calculated on your purchase price, so please bring a receipt for the excess volume.

We recommend that any food you bring into St Lucia is in its original packaging. Most non-perishable food is allowed in without inspection. Don’t bring in raw fruits or vegetables. Poultry is prohibited, and raw meat may be held for inspection. If you wish to bring in raw meat, please contact us for advice on how to do this.

Although we believe it is safe and drink it ourselves, we suggest you drink the water from our water cooler to be on the safe side. The water supply for the villa is rainwater that has been treated with chlorine and filtered so the bottled water will certainly taste better.

The local grocery store has the basics, and the grocery in La Tourney (near the airport on the way to the villa) has a better selection. If you are very particular about something, you may want to bring it with you, or contact us to see if it is available locally.

Prices vary considerable, with staples like flour and sugar and local vegetables being inexpensive, perhaps even less than in the US. Store-branded items run about 20-30% more expensive than in the US. Imported brand-name items (such as Cheetos) are 2-3 times as expensive as in the US.

Yes, she can make roti (curried vegetables, with or without chicken, wrapped in a flat bread). If you have booked for a week or more, the roti will be included in the complimentary welcome basket along with other food and beverages. If you’ve booked for a shorter time, you can purchase the entire welcome basket or just the roti.

There are a number of restaurants within a 10-20 minute drive of the villa, from food trucks to fine dining. If you wish to eat at the villa, our housekeeper can cook for you or you can have our driver get carryout for you.

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