Preparing for your trip

We suggest you wait until you arrive. There is a currency conversion place at the airport just past the Immigration stands to the right. You can also use US dollars, but the exchange rate is slightly worse than the bank rate.

There’s inconsistent information on this, so, to be safe, we recommend that you passport be valid for at least six months after your arriva date. The airlines may deny you boarding if your paassport expires sooner than that.

That will depend on your plans. Contact us and we’ll help you make an estimate. If you establish a credit line that is higher than what you end up using, we refund the unused funds promptly after you leave, usually within 24 hours.

Most places that tourists vist accept credit cards. For tipping an incidentals, $100-$200 US should suffice. We usually take $100US with us and then withdraw $500 EC (around $200 US) from an ATM for spending money while we are there. Please note – we do not yet have a credit card machine at the villa, so you will need to either bring cash for villa services (cooking/meals, driving, massages) or establish a line of credit with us before our trip.

If you want to be in constant contact using your existing number, you will need an international plan. Most service providers will sell you a short-term international plan. If you don’t mind a temporary, local number, you can purchase a SIM card in St Lucia if your phone is “unlocked”. If you don’t need constant connection, a free alternative is to install “WhatsApp” which allows you to make calls and send texts, pictures, and voice messages all via WiFi. Your friends and family will have to install WhatsApp, too.

There is an extremely helpful discussion on cells phones in St Lucia on the Tripadvisor forum.

In order to drive in St Lucia, you will either need an international license or a St Lucian driving permit. If you don’t have or want to get an international license, the car rental agency will issue you a St Lucian permit at the same time you rent the vehicle (about $20 US).

Yes, you need a passport that is valid for at least six months after your arrival date.

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