Should we rent a vehicle or use the taxi/driver service?

For a relaxing vacation, or if your group is more than four people, or you want more space than a small vehicle has, we recommend you hire our driver. His vehicles are comfortable and spacious, and he also acts as a tour guide and provides you a complimentary itinerary consultation the first morning of your stay. Most of our guests hire him and pay for it through our website with a credit card (Pay Online) since he does not have a credit card reader of his own.

Many roads in St Lucia, including the roads to the villa, are narrow and rough with steep hills. Most parking spots in Soufriere are small and on the streets. So if you prefer the adventure of driving during your stay, we recommend a small 4WD SUV, such as a Jimny Sport from Drive-A-Matic. It’s just barely large enough for four average-sized adults, but not much luggage or gear if you go to the beach.

You call call us for help deciding, or consult the guide we’ve put together.

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