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May we invite people over, have a party or get married at the villa?

We do not allow parties or weddings. We may allow a small, quiet gathering, depending on the number of people, the purpose, and the hours involved. Contact us for approval.

How much should we tip the staff?

We recommend $5-$10 US per day per staff person tip for our staff if you wish to tip them. Adjust that as you feel is appropriate for the level of service and interaction you had with the person. Drivers are … Read More

Why do you say you are like a hotel?

Because you get many of the amenities of a hotel, and we can provide hotel-like services to you (e.g., cooking, meal, transportation, massages). See here for a comparison between us and a hotel.

What will the weather be like?

Warm and mostly sunny. Highs in mid 80’s to low 90’s, and lows about 10 degrees lower. Rain, if any, is usually overnight or just brief passing showers. In the “rainy season” (June – November), there is a higher chance … Read More

How well does the air conditioning work?

Since our home is open air (interior walls that don’t go to the ceiling, and windows that are not covered with glass) the air conditioners can’t cool the rooms much. But they blow cool air on the bed to cool … Read More

What does the staff do?

Our staff cleans and sweeps the house, makes the beds, changes the linen mid-week, cleans the pool, does general maintenance and landscaping, and is available in case some item needs urgent maintenance. They are there most of the day, and … Read More

Should we rent a vehicle or use the taxi/driver service?

For a relaxing vacation, or if your group is more than four people, or you want more space than a small vehicle has, we recommend you hire our driver. His vehicles are comfortable and spacious, and he also acts as … Read More

Can we get a cook? Is there an extra cost?

Our housekeeper, Doxie, can cook for you.  If you provide the groceries, her charge is $10US to cook breakfast and $20US to cook dinner (per meal, not per person). Pricing details, including her option to do the cooking and provide … Read More

Do we need transportation or can we walk to everything?

You’ll need some form of transportation – either our taxi/driver service or rent a vehicle (4WD recommended). We aren’t in easy walking distance of anything, mostly because we are at an elevation of 550 feet!

Can we walk to the beach? Are the beaches public?

It is possible to walk to the beach – it takes about 25 minutes. But it’s not something we recommend as the road is steep and may be slippery due to loose gravel or mud after a rain. And it’s … Read More