A Private Driver

Taxi Services

Many people think of taxi services as a four-door sedan (like a “Yellow Cab”) and a driver to get you where you need to go. The taxi services in St Lucia usually have two (or more) vehicles for your convenience – a sedan (usually only used for a couple) and a van. Although the taxi services can be hired “by-the-trip” (for instance, to a restaurant), they also offer a driver service, where they are at your service for the entire day, and act as tour guide as well as driver. Our primary driver, Junior, offers pre-set pricing for both single trips and daily zoned rates.

Do I need to bring cash to pay the taxi or driver service?
How do we arrange taxi or driver services?
Are there cancellation fees?
Junior’s By-The-Trip Pricing
Junior’s Daily Zoned Pricing
Example Itinerary for Junior’s Daily Rate Pricing

Do I need to bring cash to pay the taxi or driver service?

Most taxi and driver services in St Lucia accept only cash – either US or EC (Eastern Caribbean) dollars. But as a courtesy to our guests that do not want to bring cash with them or search for an ATM machine, we have established a special relationship with Junior. You may pay for his services with a credit card by establishing a credit line with us through the “Pay Online” page of our website.

Think of the line of credit as a “Villa Grand Piton” debit card. This “debit card” can be used for taxi or driver service, cooking or meal service, grocery delivery service, or on-site massage services. If you have any remaining funds at the end of your stay, we’ll refund that promptly after your stay is over. There is a 4% convenience fee for this service, to cover the costs of the credit-card fee and wiring money to St Lucia. All taxi service prices quoted exclude the 4% convenience charge.

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How do we arrange taxi or driver services?

By the trip For a single trip, you don’t need to pre-arrange it. But you may have to wait for driver and/or vehicle availability if they are already committed elsewhere. They operate on a first-come first-served basis unless you arrange with them otherwise prior to your trip.

Full-day driver services Reserve full-day driver services at least 12 hours ahead of time with Junior or his driver, or through our housekeeper. Same-day service may be available, but is subject to availability.

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Are there cancellation fees?

Once you’ve reserved a driver for the day, they turn away all other jobs. So if your plans change and you no longer want to have a full day of driver service, please cancel by 9 pm the evening before to avoid a $50US “no-show” fee.

Junior’s By-The-Trip Pricing

All prices are round-trip unless otherwise noted. The first price given is for up to four people, the second price is good for 5-6 people.

Popular Destinations

Anse Chastanet or Soufriere $40/$60

Mango Tree, Dasheene, Boucan $60/$80

Sugar Beach, Volcano, Morne Coubaril $60/$80

Villa to UVF airport $80/$100

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Junior’s Full-Day Driver Service

This is your best choice if you plan to be out and about all day long at multiple locations, or are heading to more distant locations. When you hire them for the day, they are available for you exclusively. “Day” is not specific hours – it’s from the first time you leave in the morning until the last time you return to the villa for the day. Airport trips are excluded from zone pricing.

Zone (full day) pricing Up to four people Five to six people
Zone 1 (Choisel to Canaries) $100 US $120 US
Zone 2 (Vieux Fort to Marigot Bay) $150 US $170 US
Zone 3 (the rest of St Lucia) $200 US $225 US


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Sample Itinerary with Junior’s Pricing

To help you create a budget for your driver services, we’ve put together a sample Saturday to Saturday itinerary for four people. The total for the week is $740US, which qualifies for the 10% discount. So the discounted total for driver services for this example is $665 US – or just under $25 per night per person. (Prices shown are valid for four people through the end of January, 2020)

(Please note that food, beverages, and cooking services are not included in the rental fee).

Arrival day (Airport trip #1, $80): Junior will meet you at the airport. Stop at the Reef Restaurant just a few minutes away and get your toes in the sand and have a cool drink or a snack while enjoying the sea breezes. Next, head to Uptown’s liquor store and pick up some beverages of your choice. Stop at the grocery store in La Tourney (newer and a much better selection than the grocery in Soufriere), and pick up snacks and sodas. Enjoy the ride to the villa and be especially glad you aren’t driving when you get to the last 10 minutes and the infamous Anse Chastanet Road! Enjoy Doxie’s rum punch while she shows you around the villa, snack on some cheese and crackers, then enjoy Doxie’s roti for dinner with some wine while you watch the sun set and feel yourself relax.

First day (Round-trip to Anse Chastanet, $40): Sleep in, make a full breakfast/brunch from the contents of the welcome basket, walk up the road to the top for a panoramic view of Soufriere and the Pitons, then have Junior take you to Anse Chastanet beach and soak up the sun and do some snorkeling. Junior picks you up from the beach around 5 pm and takes you back to the villa. Doxie is waiting for you with your dinner, since you arranged with her when you arrived to have her make you dinner this evening.

Second day (Full day, Zone 1, $100): Go on a whale and dolphin-watching tour with Mystic Man tours in the morning. Stop at the local grocery to stock up on a few things. Head back to the villa, eat Doxie’s roti for lunch (she sells them for $5 US), relax by the pool for a little while, and then head to Dasheene at about 4:30 to have a beverage and some appetizers while watching the sun set between the Pitons. Stay at Dasheene for dinner, and arrive back at the villa after dark to watch for shooting stars.

Third day (Full day, Zone 3, $200): Leave about 9 AM and head to the north of the island. Visit the craft market in Castries or do a little duty-free shopping in Pointe Seraphine, have lunch at the Pink Plantation overlooking Castries, and hop on a Segway for a tour of the hills overlooking Rodney Bay, or stroll among the ruins on Pigeon Island. If you’re up to it, scramble to the top of Signal Hill and get a glimpse of Martinique (don’t forget the selfie!) Have dinner at Spice of India in Rodney Bay (literally our favorite Indian restaurant in the world), and get back late.

Fourth day: (Round-trip to Anse Chastanet, $40): After getting in rather late the night before, sleep in a little. Have a light breakfast of tropical fruit and local coffee, then pack up the cooler with cold Piton beers and leftovers or sandwiches, grab the snorkel gear, the beach umbrella and chairs, and have Junior take you to Anse Chastanet. Do some snorkeling, hike or bike through the trails and ruins on Anse Mamin (see the dive shop on Anse Chastanet for arrangements), or just relax and soak up the sun. Back to the villa in late afternoon to clean up and relax by the pool while Doxie finishes making your dinner, then have some rum punch and her appetizers before you eat the generous dinner she has cooked for you.

Fifth day (Full day, Zone 1, $100): Pack up snorkel gear and your camera, and head out fairly early (8-9 AM) for the Tet Paul Nature Trail. Next stop is a trip to the drive-in volcano and the mud baths and a waterfall. Stop at Martha’s Tables or Fedo’s for authentic St Lucia cooking for lunch, then on to Sugar Beach for beautiful white sand and snorkeling between the Pitons. Back to the villa late afternoon, clean up, and then off to Boucan for dinner and a sumptuous chocolate lava cake for dessert, made with local cocoa, and sip on on-site-produced chocolate cream liqueur, if you are lucky.

Sixth day (Full day, Zone 1, $100): Go to Morne Coubaril for zip-lining, a plantation tour, a lesson in how chocolate is made, and ride horses. Eat lunch at the buffet at Morne Coubaril, or at The Mango Tree restaurant at Stonefield. Get on the Mystic Man sunset cruise (catamaran from Soufriere dock, sailing around the Pitons with music, beverages, and hors d’oeuvres while enjoying the sunset), then head back to the villa and enjoy your last night dining on one last delicious dinner made by Doxie (or leftovers!).

Last day (Airport trip #2, $80): Get up early and make some local coffee, and sit in the gazebo while savoring it and watching the sailboats head to St Vincent over the deep blue Caribbean. Soak up the peacefulness one last time. Take a few sunrise pictures, and maybe even catch a double rainbow during a brief early morning shower. Pack, sadly say goodbye to Doxie and all the rest of our wonderful staff, and head off to the airport.

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