Our Home


We do not charge an up-front damage deposit, but you are still responsible for any damages other than normal wear and tear to our home. Items are much more expensive to replace in St Lucia, especially since many of them have to be ordered and shipped from the United States. Between the shipping costs and the VAT and duties imposed by the St Lucian government, items usually cost at least double (or even more) what they do in the U.S. As examples, here are some non-binding examples of approximate replacement costs:

1. Large-screen TV (Entertainment room) $1400 US

2. Subwoofer (Entertainment room) $1000 US

3. Small speakers (Entertainment room) $ 700 US

4. Receiver (Entertainment room) $1600 US

5. Coffee Maker (Mr Coffee) $ 200 US

6. Decorative “spade” on wall (Next to peninsula) $2000 US

7. Printer $ 300 US

8. Table lamp $ 250 US

9. Dining chair (wicker) $ 650 US

10. Toaster $ 350 US

11. Cooktop $2500 US

12. Mattress $1200 US

13. Wall Mirror $450 US