Land-based Activities

All phone numbers are area code 758. We try to keep this updated, but we cannot guarantee that all activities will be available or on the same schedule when you arrive.

Drive-in Volcano and Mud baths

St Lucia is said to have the only “drive-in” volcano in the world. The road runs right up to and through the crater of the Soufriere Volcano. Also known locally as the “Sulphur Springs”, it has become a major tourist attraction. The crater emits steam and Sulphur along with boiling mud and water bubbling away just a few meters from the tourists (beware of the smell of rotten eggs!) behind a wooden fence that would appear to offer absolutely no protection should the volcano erupt. The last eruption occurred in the late eighteenth century and the volcano is considered dormant, unlike the highly active Soufriere volcano of the same name on the island of Monserrat. Even though the volcano is dormant, visitors are requested to stay behind the fence for their safety. There is a stream running through the crater and a little further down are bathing pools which are (reputed) (alleged) to have therapeutic qualities for the skin.

The sulphur springs emit a mixture of iron, calcium oxide, sulphur, copper oxide, carbon and magnesium to create the pungent smell and stain the rocks a green color. Molten volcanic lava is not part of the toxic mix; otherwise the crater would not be safe to visit.

Location: Near Soufriere, less than a 30-minute drive from the villa


Reviews: Tripadvisor

Gardens, Waterfalls, Mineral Baths, Hikes and Climbs

Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfalls and Mineral Baths

A floral treasure. You can walk for hours, see the waterfalls, or sit and have a soda, then head to the mineral baths and soak for a while, all for a modest cost.

From a recent review: “The botanical gardens are really beautiful, lots of interesting things to see with the help of a guide, you might see a hummingbird or two. The gardens are very well laid out with the Diamond Waterfall obviously the highlight but lots of nice photo opportunities. There are toilets and there is a shop to buy gifts or an ice cream or refreshment. Doesn’t take long to walk round but worth a visit.”

Location: Near Soufriere, less than a 30-minute drive from the villa


Phone: (758) 459-7155

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Monday – Saturday 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Sundays and public holidays: 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Diamond Mineral Baths

Located in the Botanical Gardens, halfway to the waterfalls.

A row of hot tubs whose steaming mineral waters are reputed to possess curative powers (maybe not – but enjoyable nonetheless). Pay a small additional fee at the entrance for the baths and then soak for an hour – you can soak in private rooms or outdoors. We recommend getting there early before the tour buses get there.

Location: Near Soufriere, less than a 30-minute drive from the villa

Phone: (758) 459-7565

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Mamiku gardens

Discover Mamiku Gardens and delight in humming birds and butterflies, scented flowers and aromatic plants. Discover medicinal herbs and their uses. Appreciate some endangered trees and plants along our forest trails and observe how bananas grow.

Location: North of Soufriere, about a 15-minute drive from the villa. Park at the Beacon Restaurant and walk back down the hill.

Website: Mamiku Gardens

Phone: (758) 455 3729

Email: Mamiku Gardens

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Walk around a mountain on the Tet Paul Nature Trail

The Tet Paul Nature Trail hike (not a strenuous hike, mostly a walk) can take about 45 minutes to complete. This St Lucian attraction is guided by friendly and knowledgeable locals who can answer your questions and provide insights about the points of interest you will see along your way. It consists of a fairly easy hike, but is not recommended for those with disabilities because it does consist of the “wee” bit of a climb. You will get to see some of the best views of the Pitons on the island. The guide will also give a very informative tour of the local plants.

The hike is great for families and groups, and presents many great photo-ops. Don’t forget to take your camera – and be sure to get a “selfie” with a Piton in the background!
There’s something for everyone on the Tet Paul hike! Culture, history, exotic horticulture, and spectacular landscapes can be found on this St Lucia tour. You’ll see amazing scenery – the views from the Tet Paul Nature Trail have been described as absolutely heavenly. From the majestic Pitons to the far away islands of Martinique and St Vincent, you can see it all from the points along the trail.

Location: About a 20-30 minute drive from the villa; south of Soufriere


Reviews: Tripadvisor

Hike through the rainforest on the Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail

The Enbas Saut Waterfall trail (“Below the Falls” in French) is within St. Lucia’s Central Rainforest Reserve, six miles East of Soufriere at the foot of the highest mountain peak (Mount Gimie). The drive from Soufriere through the farming community of Fond St. Jacques to the Reserve takes approximately 25 minutes. The Enbas Saut Falls Trail is 4km long. The hilly terrain of Piton Canarie, Piton Troumasse and Mount Gimie stand predominant not too far from the trail. Enbas Saut is most famous for its two cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumasse river.

Location: Interior of St Lucia

Website: Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail website

Phone: (758) 451-6168 or 468-5648

Email: Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Climb a Mountain

For high adventure, why not decide to climb Gros Piton? The Gros Piton is sanctioned by the government of St Lucia; it offers safe hiking and an astonishing view. The ascent can be a bit steep in some parts, but the hike is not too difficult for most travelers. The town of Fond Gens Libre is where you will find the interpretive center and where you will obtain a guide to help you make the trip (yes, you have to have a guide – it is both the law and also a safety issue, not to mention environmental protection and also supporting local jobs.) When you arrive, there will ne guides waiting there to take you up to the top.

Tour guides are locals who know the area very well and who can provide the ultimate tour experience. Around $30US per person
Go early (7 am is not too early!) and bring lots of water (recommended at least 1.5 liters per person), and any snacks you might want (power bars, granola bars, fruit, etc.). It is a long hike and gets very hot if you go later in the day.

Description from a TripAdvisor discussion: “Oh no, this is not an easy walk/ hike up a hillside! It is a fairly strenuous hike over some fairly rough terrain up a 2600 foot mountain – starting at basically sea level! Not that you could get lost – there’s really only one main path, but you definitely need the guide for safety and such. It is approximately 3-4 hours (or more, depending on your pace). There is a stopping point about halfway up where lots of people decide to wait while the rest of their group goes all the way – or where the group decides to turn back. It gets much steeper and rougher from there. This is not a hike for sandals, but rather boots or sturdy sneakers, layers and lots of water (and the obligatory Piton beer for the drink at the top of the Piton!) It is not for the faint of heart. You don’t have to be an athlete, but reasonably fit – and you will feel it for a few days, most likely. The mineral baths or mud baths are great afterwards for helping with the sore/tired muscles!”

Location: About a 30-minute drive from the villa; south of Soufriere

Reviews: Tripadvisor general review of the Pitons (includes other activities besides the climb)

Land adventures where you ride, drive, or are driven.

Mountain bike through ruins at Anse Mamin

At Anse Mamin, there are trails back into the forest through an old plantation, and trail bikes to rent. Bike St Lucia rents mostly to resort guests, but they have a few spaces each day for others, and they also offer the opportunity to hike the trails. We recommend you contact them before your trip to check for availability if you want to ensure you get to go biking. Stop at the ScubaStLucia hut on Anse Chastanet beach to make arrangements to rent bikes (or directions for hiking it, if you prefer).

Location: Very near the villa, about a ten-minute walk past Anse Chastanet beach

Website – biking:

Phone: (758) 459-7755

Email: Bike St Lucia contact form

Reviews: Tripadvisor – beach

Treetop Adventure Park. Cycling, hiking, zip-lining. Near Dennery

They are known for their zip-lining, but also offer mountain-biking through their trails.

Location: Near Dennery, about an hour-and-a-half drive from the villa

Website: Dennery Ziplining, Hiking and Cycling

Phone: (758)458 0908 / 452-0808

Email: Dennery Ziplining, Hiking and Cycling

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Ride ATV’s through the rainforest near Choisel

An exciting ATV tour that takes you on a trail through many unseen parts of the south of the island of St. Lucia. Our tour guide will take you on a journey through a network of exciting riding trails that begin in the mountains south of Soufriere, in the community of Balca, Saltibus. The 2 1/2 hour tour starts off on a working farm and continues onto an old plantation and the Devils Bridge. The ride also takes you through lush green valleys, and 2 beautiful secluded black sand beaches where you are free to swim, relax and have refreshments.

It explores many of the “off the beaten trails” not normally seen by visitors to St. Lucia. Besides the Pitons, Botanical Gardens and other famous sites in Soufriere, there are many other unexplored areas that offer amazing views and let you experience an authentic St. Lucian experience. The tour is also very interactive as you will not only get to sample different types of fruits grown on the estate, but your guide will brief you on the rich cultural history of the area and how it has molded St. Lucia into the island it is today.

If you have children under 16 years old, they can ride behind an adult. Eash ATV can handle up to two people at a combined weight of 400 pounds. The tour costs US$120 per bike and is available Monday – Saturday. Both morning and afternoon slots are available.

Location: Near Choisel, about a 30 minute drive south of us.

Website: IrieLucia ATV Trails and Hikes

Phone: Toll Free: 1-800-401-9804 Local 758-459-7783

Email: ATV Tours

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Tour the hills near Rodney Bay on a Segway

Come “glide” the island side. Experience the new fun, safe and environmentally friendly Segway X2, LucianStyle! Glide our scenic nature trail up beautiful Mount Pimard and enjoy breath taking views of St. Lucia’s dramatic West Coast. First it’s lessons and practice time on our “Segway Practice Track” and then it’s a long gentle glide up our extensive groomed nature trail system while our informative guides talk about everything from the beautiful flowers and butterflies to the battles between the English and French for our fair Helen of the West.

First stop is “Pebble Beach” where local fishermen are often seen hunting for dinner and many rock skipping contests have been waged. Next it’s up, up, up the mountain side with many photo spots and educational stops along the way such as the now sealed bunkers that once served as tunnels, storage and lookouts for the American Military during World War 2. Once at our highest viewing point, Morne Pimant, guests are served local juices and fruits and invited to participate in a short walk up the volcanic masterpiece and experience “StoneFace Fish Pond”, fish food and cameras strongly recommended.

As we begin our descent toward the beach we take a detour and enjoy “Belle View Point” for panoramic views of Pigeon Island, Reduit Beach, The Rodney Bay Marina and the Caribbean Sea that books will soon be written about. Lastly you will enjoy a relaxing glide along the beach passing the ever accommodating “LucianStyle Beach Hut” and feeling the sea breeze cool your soul.

We’ve done this a couple of times (the kids took off like rockets, Loretta took a little longer to get the hang of it!) It’s a great way to get to try a Segway, and the tour is interesting – you are going through the hills near Rodney Bay, not through the town.

Location: Rodney Bay, all the way at the north of the island, about an hour-and-a-half drive from the villa

Website: Rodney Bay Segway Tour

Phone: (758)724-8200

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Saint Lucia Helicopters

Tour the island from the sky! Take a helicopter tour.


Phone: (758)453-6952

Rainforest Adventures St Lucia – Ziplining, Aerial Trams, Hiking

The Aerial Tram tour at Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia transports guests up and away from the heat and bustle of the lowlands to an ecological park located in the heights of St. Lucia’s forest reserve. Sixteen open-air gondolas ascend noiselessly through the rainforest, offering guests a magical view of nature in its majesty – towering gommiers, impressive chatanniers, and the remarkable phenomenon of the strangler ficus, alighted upon by playful hummingbirds and banana quits. An experienced Nature Interpreter will point out giant ferns and magnificent heliconia, and identify the calls and the plumage of the birdlife that makes the Caribbean Oceanic forest their home. The descent affords a bird’s eye view of the rainforests St. Lucia offers and a spectacular panoramic vista of the north of the island. With much to see and listen for, this attraction in St. Lucia is a celebration of color and life, and a restorative retreat guaranteed to refresh the senses.

Tour includes:
•Aerial tram ride
•Fern Nature trail
•One (1) Nature Interpreter per group of eight (8) guests
Tour Duration: 2.5 hours
Note: Walking/hiking shoes for trail (no high heels, sandals or flip flops allowed for trails), suntan lotion, rain protection, insect repellent, camera, binoculars.

Location: Northern part of the island, about an hour-and-a-half drive from the villa

Website: Rainforest Adventures St Lucia

Phone: (758) 458-5151

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Horseback riding at Morne Coubaril Estate

Tour an estate, have a wonderful lunch, zipline, go horseback riding all at one place! This estate is located one mile from the town of Soufriere, just off Vieux Fort Road (quite close to Villa Grand Piton – about 15-20 minutes south). The tour tells the fascinating story of how life has changed on St. Lucia and includes horseback riding and a zip-line showcasing magnificent views of Soufriere and St. Lucia’s countryside.

The estate is an elegant working plantation growing cocoa, coconuts, and manioc. Ziplining in view of the Pitons is the most adventurous activity on offer, but guests can also enjoy guided tours of the plantation, its tropical gardens, and a replica of a traditional village. Guides demonstrate the processing of coconut for food products and show how sugar cane syrup, cocoa, coffee, and manioc are produced. After the tour, guests can enjoy Creole food at the plantation’s restaurant.

Location: About a 20-minute drive from the villa; south of Soufriere on the main highway to/from the airport


Phone: (758) 712 5808

Email: Morne Coubaril Estate

Reservations: Ziplining reservations

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Atlantic Riding Stables

Many have dreamt of riding a horse along the white pristine beaches of a beautiful Caribbean island. Here is your chance to make your dream come true. We at Atlantic Shores Riding Stables will guarantee a horseback riding excursion that will leave you completely thrilled and wanting more. Our goal is to make sure you experience the most exhilarating horse ride in the Caribbean. Our popular beach tour takes you through acres of privately owned, countryside lands where you will enjoy the freedom of cantering your beautiful, creole horse along the rugged Atlantic coastline.

Recent TripAdvisor review: I went on my own for a couple of hours ride. It was wonderful. The horses are very well cared for. Max was my guide and he told me a lot about the island, its plants and his horses. We did go down on the beach, but there is currently a huge amount of seaweed washing up on the beaches so we headed back onto the cliffs, looking out over the wonderful views. I will be definitely go back and this time I may try to persuade my sons to have a go as these were well behaved ponies and there were a few that were suitable for smaller kids.

Location: Micoud, on the south-east coast of St Lucia. You will have to drive down to Vieux Fort, then north on the east coast of St Lucia.

Website: Atlantic Riding Stables

Phone: (758) 285-1090

Reviews: Tripadvisor


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There are three places you can zip-line on the island. The fastest and highest is about 90 minutes away in Dennery at TreeTop Adventures. The nearest is about 15-20 minutes away at Morne Coubaril. We’ve never been to the third one, Rainforest Adventures, as it is at the far north of the island.

Historic places, cultural and educational experiences, art galleries

In addition to the list below, Morne Coubaril has plantation tours and is only 15-20 minutes away from us.

Fond Doux Plantation and Resort Heritage Tour

Chocolate is the name here! On this historic and educational tour, our knowledgeable guides take you on a journey of French Kings, chocolate, and organic fruits and vegetables. The tour begins with a brief history of the resort’s plantation, how it evolved, and where it is today. You are then led to the Cocoa Fermentation House to see the beginning of the chocolate making process, the drying trays, the cocoa – rina dance, and ultimately cocoa sticks being made. Next your guide takes you around the resort trails, passing under the tropical canopy of almond, nutmeg, cocoa, and palm trees. The many varieties of flowers include Pagoda, White Star Jasmine, and Lobster Claws, the latter of which features cup-like petals that collect rainwater, making them popular with the many Hummingbirds of Fond Doux Plantation and Resort.

Location: Near Soufriere, less than a 30-minute drive from the villa


Phone: (758) 459-7545

Email: Fond Doux Heritage Tour

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Visit historic ruins at Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Landmark is heralded as one of the most important monuments of Saint Lucia’s history. It is a vivid representation of the cultural and historical monuments of international, civil, military and marine cross currents, characteristic of West Indian historical change. A living museum within a natural setting, Pigeon Island is being nurtured through careful protection and intelligent development to serve the intellectual, cultural and recreational needs of all who visit this historic site. The picturesque, 44 acre island reserve, off the North West, was originally surrounded by water but was joined to the mainland by a man-made causeway in 1972. Recognizing the need to secure this site where the balance of late eighteenth century naval power was decided, the Government of Saint Lucia designated Pigeon Island as a National Park in 1979 and as a National Landmark in 1992. It is open to visitation 365 days a year with user fees charged at EC$7 for residents and US$7 for visitors to Saint Lucia. There is also a fee of EC$3 for children 5 years to 12 years old.

Pigeon Island National Landmark has a number of heritage attractions and amenities which include:
• Ruins of military buildings used during the battles between the French and the British for the island of Saint Lucia.
• An Interpretation Centre describing the rich history of the island.
• Two beautiful beaches.
• A restaurant featuring local cuisine.
• A pub and restaurant with a historical theme.
• A lookout point at the top of the Fort which gives a panoramic view of the Northwest coastline.

Location: Rodney Bay, all the way at the north of the island, about an hour-and-a-half drive from the villa

Website: Pigeon Island National Landmark

Phone: (758)452 5005

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Email: Pigeon Island National Park

Catch a fish and cook it over a traditional coal pot fire

Zion Lion Farms and Castaway Tour offers a full-day total immersion CastAway Tour, unique in the Caribbean, on St. Lucia’s most beautiful unspoiled beach at Anse L’Ivrogne (pronounced Sévoigne in Kwéyòl), located within The Pitons World Heritage Site on the SW slope of the Gros Piton.

Location: South of Soufriere, about 20-30 minutes’ drive from the villa

Website: Zion Lion Farms

Phone: (758) 717 4663

Email: Zion Lion Farms

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Zaka art café

The concept behind the business of ‘Zaka’ is to create a range of quality hand produced artwork, from wood that would be normally be used for charcoal production. When you stop by the Zaka art studio in Malgretoute, Soufriere, with the stunning Petit Piton as back drop, you’ll be treated with a view of the process of Zaka masks making, as well as a variety of other products, including fish, turtles & calabash.

Location: Near Soufriere, less than a 30-minute drive from the villa


Email: Zaka Art Café

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Taste some rum or do some shopping

Tour a distillery: Rhythm of Rum Tour (Just south of Marigot Bay)

In the Roseau valley in St Lucia, host to the agricultural community of Jacmel is St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies, producing world class rums and liqueurs in a process that has, like its environment, changed little in a hundred years. Here, guests to the historic, world class distillery can embark on a Rhythm of Rum tour that takes visitors on a journey that illuminates the connection between the production of rum and the historical and cultural heritage of the island. The tour ends at a veritable rum buffet where visitors can sample the impressive range and find the rum or rums which best fit the individual palate. The price for an individuals is US$10.00 or EC$26.00 per person (you must be of legal drinking age- 18 in St Lucia – to be able to purchase).

Our recommendation – it’s not worth a trip to Marigot Bay just for this. The tour doesn’t last long (about an hour), but if you are in the area, it’s about the same price as a drink at a bar and you get to taste a lot of different rums before buying, as well as get the tour.

Location: Just south of Marigot Bay, about a 50-minute drive from the villa, on the way to Castries

Website: Rum Tours

Phone: (758) 456-3148 / 456-3192

Email: Rhythm of Rum Tour

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Duty-free shopping

Castries has two duty-free shopping malls: Pointe Seraphine at the harbor where the cruise shops dock or La Place Carenage a few blocks away. Rodney Bay has one (Baywalk Mall). And the airport has some duty-free shops after you go through security. (Remember, if you buy liquids at the duty-free shops in the airport, you may carry them on the flight from St Lucia, but if you have a connecting flight, you will have to pack them in your checked luggage between flights).

Pointe Seraphine duty-free mall

We’ve always gone to Pointe Seraphine. We like that it is outdoors and there is parking right in front. However, we are not big duty-free shoppers. We buy some rum from the rum shops there and a few t-shirts. We’ve never shopped for expensive items because duty-free does not necessarily mean low cost. If you are interested in buying a big-ticket item (jewelry, etc), we recommend you come prepared with the cost to buy it in your home country (and you may have to pay duties to bring it into your home country, anyway, if it is over your allowance).

Location: Castries, about a 60-70 minute drive north of the villa.

Website: Pointe Seraphine (website under construction)

Phone: (758) 457-3425

Reviews: Tripadvisor

La Place Carenage duty-free mall

La Place Carenage is a few blocks from the harbor, and less spread-out than Pointe Seraphine. We’ve never gone there. The TripAdvisor reviews are less positive than those for Pointe Seraphine.

Location: Castries, about a 60-70 minute drive north of the villa.

Website: La Place Carenage

Phone: (758) 453 2451 or 451 7355

Email: La Place Carenage

Reviews: Tripadvisor

Souvenir Market in Castries

There is a large market in Castries, very near the cruise ship port (if you read about St Lucia, they probably just called it “the Market”). Lots of stalls with vendors selling T-shirts, trinkets, wood carvings, spice baskets, etc. Many of the stalls carry the same things. We have noticed the stalls in the back seem to have lower prices, so browse through the whole market before buying anything.

Do head to the back of the market to find spices for your own spiced rum, or buy lunch.

Location: Castries, about a 60-70 minute drive north of the villa.

Reviews: Tripadvisor