All about food

There are lots of choices for your meals, from food trucks to fine dining, to grilling a fresh tuna, to Doxie’s chicken curry with her chocolate cake for dessert! No one ever goes home hungry.

How most of our guests get their meals

For a typical seven-night stay: • Doxie’s roti the first night • Doxie cooks a multi-course dinner on two nights and they dine at the villa • Two dinners are eaten at resort restaurants • Then the last two dinners are leftovers, carryout delivered by our driver from a local restaurant, or fresh fish that they grill themselves. • Breakfasts are typically fruit and cereal and toast that our guests make themselves although some guests have Doxie make them breakfast for a few days of their stay • Lunches are either eaten at restaurants while out and about, leftovers, or Doxie’s roti. Some guests have Doxie make lunch for them on days they stay at the villa.

our welcome basket*

Most guests start out with our welcome basket, a combination of some prepared food and pre-stocking of other items. It has enough food and beverages for a “happy hour” upon arrival, a light dinner (Doxie’s roti -curried vegetables, with or without chicken, wrapped in a very thin wrapper, like an Indian burrito), then a hearty breakfast the next morning. There’s enough food that you won’t need to find a grocery or restaurant until lunch (or later) the day after arrival.

Subject to availability, the welcome basket usually has: one roti per person, beer, wine, homemade rum punch, crackers, cheese, Coke and Sprite, fruit juice, tea, local coffee, milk, bacon, eggs, bread, butter, jam, cereal, and local fruit.

We also provide salt and pepper, and sweetener and sugar for your beverages. 

*The welcome basket is complimentary with a seven-night or longer stay and available for purchase otherwise.

Doxie cooks for you

Doxie, our extraordinary property manager, housekeeper and cook, can make meals for you. She is an excellent cook, but is not a formally-trained international chef.

Her fee for cooking depends on numerous factors, but her standard cooking service (where you provide the groceries) is $10US for a breakfast and $20US for a multi-course, single-entree dinner. Lunch is in between the two prices depending on the number of dishes. Those prices cover cooking for up to six people.

Breakfast: $10US. She waives the fee for mornings you wait until she arrives to start cooking. 
Dinner: $20 US for a single-entrée multi-course dinner. A typical multi-course dinner is an appetizer, soup or salad, entrée and rice. Her standard price for dinner covers her making the dinner late in the afternoon and leaving it for you.
Lunch: Between $10US and $20US, depending on the number of dishes. Pumpkin soup and toasted garlic bread? $10US. But if you want a multi-course meal like dinner, then it’s $20US.
All prices are for a single meal and valid for up to six people.

Doxie also offers the option to have her take care of the groceries in addition to the cooking. You don’t need to do anything except work out the menu with her.
Breakfast: $10US per person, minimum 2 people.
Dinner: $50 US for the first couple, then $25 per person above two people. That price is valid for a single entrée with standard proteins such as “catch of the day” fish, chicken, braising beef, pork, etc. Upcharges may apply – see the next section for details. Children 13 and under are half-price.
Lunch: Varies, depending on the number of courses. Ask Doxie for a quote. Her pre-made roti make an excellent lunch, and only cost $5 US each.  We love them with a couple of ice-cold Piton (local) beers and hot sauce!
Alcoholic beverages are not included in the prices quoted.

Two entrees for dinner (for instance, one chicken and one fish) will incur an additional fee. If you wish Doxie to stay and serve you dinner and clean up afterwards, you’ll have to arrange that with her on a case-by-case basis, and she may charge an extra fee.
If you are interested in additional courses or dishes or special items (such as wine, seafood, steak, special decorations, formal place settings, celebratory cakes, etc.), please ask her for any additional charges that might apply when you request them.
Unfortunately, she may not be able to give you a firm quote for certain ingredients prior to shopping for it. So please don’t be shy about telling her your budget: “We’d love lobster, but only if the extra cost is [this many dollars US] or less”. She will help you stay within your budget if you tell her what it is.


We are only a short drive (10 - 20 minutes) to a good choice of restaurants. From food trucks to crystal and white-tablecloth restaurants, you should be able to find something that meets your taste and your budget nearby. The one thing you won’t find is a chain fast-food restaurant in Soufriere – no McDonald’s or Subway nearby. One hint – lunch is the main meal for St Lucians. The most cost-effective restaurants are open only at lunchtime. So if you are trying to maximize your food dollar, we suggest you do as the St Lucians do and have a hearty lunch at a local restaurant, then have a light dinner at the villa.

Cook for yourself

For those of you that like to cook for yourself, we have a well-equipped kitchen and a large propane grill with an infrared burner. There is an open-air market daily and several stores (grocery, bakery, butcher) in Soufriere, less than a 10-minute drive from the villa. Alternatively, Doxie can shop for you and deliver the groceries for a fee. Please give her at least a days’ notice to do this for you.

As long as you are willing to buy store brands, prices are usually 20-30% higher than in the US. But if you insist on a name brand  (“Cheetos” instead of “cheese curls”), you can pay twice or more what you usually pay.

For the best selection of fruits and vegetables and fresh fish, go to the open-air market in the mornings in Soufriere.  The best butcher is near the market (items will be frozen so plan ahead). There’s a bakery near the church.  The grocery store takes credit cards with proper identification; bring cash (preferably local) to the other stores. Eroline’s grocery carries a limited selection of liquor and wine.

The best selection for groceries will be at the La Tourney Massy grocery and the best selection of wines and liquor is at Uptowns.  Both are between the airport and the villa. 

Although the local grocery store is surprisingly well stocked, we sometimes bring food with us to be sure we get our favorite brands and flavors. We frequently buy boxes of our favorite breakfast muffin mix or brownie/cookie or cake mix and crackers and cheese at our local grocery (or Costco) in Houston, and take those in our luggage.

We have a large stainless-steel propane grill on the deck, and the kitchen is well-equipped with practically anything you need to make your meals: lots of pots and pans, cutlery, hand mixer, blenders, coffee maker, espresso/cappuccino machine, toaster, hand-crank pasta maker, rice cooker, waffle maker, and we even have an automatic ice-cream maker. The one limitation is our oven – there is no built-in oven, so we have a countertop convection oven, which works well for smaller items (muffins, a single cake layer, etc.)

Hard-to-find foods

Although there is a reasonable selection of food nearby, we haven’t found a good source for decaffeinated coffee, good cheese, or good beef (ground beef and steaks). Hot dogs can be hard to find, too (but we don’t miss those). The only decaffeinated coffee I’ve found locally is Maxwell House or Sanka so I bring my own or do without. You can get cheddar and processed cheese slices at the local grocery. But that’s about it. If you love cheese, bring your own. Although you can get good beef at restaurants, there isn’t much in the grocery stores or butcher shops. The Soufriere open-air market usually has a butcher on Saturdays with local beef. You can bring beef with you, but it’s not convenient. Ask us how if you are interested. Hot dogs? Haven’t found them, but we usually find Johnsonville brats in the frozen section of Eroline’s grocery. You won’t find typical hot dog buns – you’ll have to use bread or rolls.

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The villa itself is wonderful and the most fully equipped villa we have ever stayed at. The entire staff are wonderful. The view from the villa is simply surreal. We have stayed at many villas - this villa is at the top of the list. We all agreed that we would go back in a heart beat!
Mark W
Beach Bum
Everything was better than we expected! Better than any resort for sure! Nothing was not thought of. Great job and home!
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